New Music Friday: ‘Save Your Tears (Remix)’

Today on this New Music Friday we have Save Your Tears by Ariana Grande and The Weeknd. It is a new song that had me rocking out and dancing in my head.

This new track is a remix from The Weeknd’s latest album After Hours. Grande’s captivating vocals are added to the song, which was the first thing that made the song appealing. The music in the background was also upbeat and infectious. Then came the video.

On the day of its release, a new music video came out as well. In the video, The Weeknd is creating an Ariana Grande doll through a factory process. She starts out with just a separate head with her ponytail. Then he starts to play with the controls until she is a whole doll.

The song and video were entertaining to the eyes and ears. Both artists have worked together in the past. They recorded songs such as Love Me Harder and Off The Table.

Basically, Save Your Tears (Remix) is song to add to your playlist.

“Featured Image via Billboard


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