Review: ‘Spaceman’ By Nick Jonas

On today’s New Music Friday, we have new material by Nick Jonas. His new solo album Spaceman is out and its pleasant to the ears.

This JoBro got his inspiration from his wife Priyanka Chopra. The songs in the new collection are about her, the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic and some political commentary, according to an interview on CNN.

First there was This is Heaven. Jonas first performed this song in his last appearance on Saturday Night Live. He sings about his love for Chopra. His vocals and the upbeat tone in the song was infectious.

Few of his songs are about his wife including Nervous, Deeper Love and Spaceman.

The music video for Spaceman was released around the same time as the album. In the video he is on a deserted planet and the holographic Chopra motivates him to try to get back to his wife. The track sums up his emotions about Chopra and the pandemic. The song and video was appealing to the eyes and ears.

Spaceman was an album filled with upbeat sounds and sweet messages. Given the pandemic, he reminds us that people should be happy and grateful for the people that they have during this crisis. In addition, it’s another way to help cheer people up.

The verdict: Spaceman by Nick Jonas is an album to add to your playlist.

“Featured Image via Rolling Stone


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