‘Cruella’ Trailer Turns Emma Stone Into The Iconic Disney Villain

The new trailer for Disney’s Cruella has been released today and Emma Stone is nothing but cruel. She shows promise in the trailer, but can she pull off being the iconic Disney villain?

This upcoming movie focuses on a young Cruella in the 1970s. According to CNN, she starts out as a young fashion designer named Estella De Vil who is obsessed with dog’s skin, including Dalmatians. It all leads up to her becoming the Cruella we all know.

Stone is seen as classy, edgy, mean and dangerous. Basically, that’s who Cruella is. However, in the trailer I was getting more of a Joker vibe. It was seen as a more dark and R-rated type of movie. However, the film has not yet been rated and it won’t likely become R-rated.

In Joker, it focuses on the classic DC villain the Joker, played by Joaquin Phoenix. This movie was not only R-rated, but it was also dark, twisted and unpredictable. It was the exact vibe that I was getting from Emma Stone. An interesting direction to take, however that type of direction ended up becoming popular.

Emma Stone has done well in many projects in her career. Now the question is: Can she be Cruella De Vil?

Cruella is scheduled to hit theaters on May 28.

“Featured Image via Variety


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