Top 5: Super Bowl Commercials

I hope everyone had a good time watching the Super Bowl last night. There were a few key moments other than the game that stood out. There was The Weeknd’s halftime show, Amanda Gorman’s poem and especially the commercials.

When the game goes into the commercial breaks, people often get entertained with the new trailers and celebrity guest stars. Mostly it brings a dash of comedy to the night and this year’s collection continued to impress me.

Although there was a numerous amount to choose from, I could only think of five that were particularly impressive. Here are my top five commercials from the Super Bowl:

5. State Farm

The State Farm commercial had a few celebrity guests including Paul Rudd, Aaron Rogers and Drake. Drake was a stand in and he wasn’t allowed to say the line. So, he was chewing his food loudly while the other was trying to say the line. Quite funny right?

4. T-Mobile

In this commercial for T-Mobile, I got see how Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani “first met.” Stefani was video chatting with Adam Levine and she tells him that she wants to start dating again. But, due to a few glitches and a bad connection, Levine got the idea of Shelton. This however led to an awkward meeting. That’s one way to see them meet for the first time.

3. DoorDash

Here Daveed Diggs and the cast of Sesame Street sing and explain what DoorDash does. It speaks for itself.

2. Paramount+

The upcoming streaming service is coming up and several characters from that service is shown climbing Mt. Paramount. From Patrick Stewart to Spongebob, it was a gaggle of characters. Basically, it was a laugh a minute

1. Cadillac

People have heard of Edward Scissorhands. Well in this commercial for Cadillac, we have Timothée Chalemet playing the son of Scissorhands. Also, Winona Rider plays Kim Boggs. Watching Chalemet trying to everyday stuff with his scissor hands had me laughing every time. Plus, the depressing music in the background added extra humor. Definitely my number one choice.

So these are my top five commercials from the Super Bowl. What are your top five choices?

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