Review: ‘Glad You Exist’ By Dan + Shay

It’s New Music Friday and people are searching for new songs to listen to. The country duo Dan + Shay have released their new single Glad You Exist to the world and it’s a song that can make a person feel good.

The duo began to peak my interest with their voices and their infectious guitar playing. But, the main takeaway from the song was the message. Glad You Exist is a song about how the pair are grateful for the people that they have in their lives. In an interview with Rolling Stone, they said:

“To us, ‘Glad You Exist’ is more than just a song. It’s a message of gratitude and hope. A message to everyone in our lives: our fans, our friends, our families, to remind them all how grateful we are to be on the planet at the same time.”

Glad You Exist is a 2:25 minute song, so I was skeptical at first because they had to be quick with their message. However when I heard the chorus along with their voices, they were on point. Its music like this that makes people feel better. If anyone is ever angry, stressed or upset listening to songs like Glad You Exist will put a person at ease.

Glad You Exist by Dan + Shay is a song that needs to be on your playlist.

“Featured Image via Sounds Like Nashville


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