Justice League’s Snyder Cut Release Date Revealed

Justice League’s Snyder Cut is one of the most anticipated movies coming to 2021. Since this project was announced in 2020, there have been photos, trailers and other details released to the public.

Just recently the release date of the movie had been revealed. Director Zach Snyder made the official announcement on Twitter. The new version of Justice League will arrive on HBO Max in March.

Snyder tweeted posters of the movie saying, Fallen, Risen and Reborn. Powerful words for a new version of the DC project. It must be powerful since it went from being a four episode miniseries to a full length movie. After all of this hype for the movie, the only question is will Justice League’s Snyder Cut be an improvement to the original in 2017? We’ll find out when it streams on HBO Max in March 18, 2021.

“Featured Image via The Verge


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