SWIM Releases ‘The Chase’ Video

SWIM one of the top bands on Long Island has recently released a music video of their 2019 single “The Chase” and it did not disappoint.

For those of you who are not familiar with this band, SWIM is a Long Island band formed in 2010 when it was originally called Apollo. The group consists of four members: Dan McCaffrey on vocals (2010-present); Nick Riviezzo on lead guitar (2012-present); Brian D’Angio on drums (2014-present) and Pat Morelli on keyboard and bass guitar (2014-present). They started out performing locally during their high school years and college years. But time went on and they have reached one million streams on Spotify, according to their recent Instagram post.

‘The Chase’ is a song about the indescribable feeling you get when your in the early stages of a romantic relationship. Nick Riviezzo explains how the video emulated the idea of “the chase.” He said:

The video didn’t necessarily illustrate the early stages of a romantic relationship, as it only features the four members of the band. However, the way in which the video is following the four of us in motion and the shots are constantly interchanging between different locations was meant to emulate the idea of “the chase” that sometimes characterizes the beginning of a relationship. Like, before you’ve had that conversation where you establish those mutual feelings for one another, and you’re in that phase where you’re flirting and getting closer and maybe doubting yourself here and there, asking yourself: Do they really like me? Should I be doing more? Am I overdoing it? Things like that. So while the actual content of the video is pretty far removed from the image of two people spending time together, the constant movement is present, which we were happy with. And it’s a really great visual to introduce the band to our audience, which we felt was important for our first video.

The video shows the band exploring the city of New York and performing their song in locations such as Time Square and Central Park. Plus, they’re riding the Central Park carousel, reading newspapers and eating delicious New York pizza. It these kind of things to look forward to when this pandemic is over. It made the video appealing to the ears and the eyes.

Because we always had big plans for The Chase in terms of the role it plays in our forthcoming project, we all kind of agreed that it was the best song to make our first music video for,” Nick added. “In terms of how the video was planned and made, we found out that we’d have the opportunity to work with the extremely talented Brennan Pierson, and because he was only going to be on the east coast for a few days, we really just kind of bounced ideas off of him over the phone before we got together. He is so easy to work with and he had us perform the song a bunch of times in the different locations and then he filmed us as we walked from spot to spot. It all came together so nicely in the editing phase, and the spontaneity of the whole experience is captured really well.

The video was filmed in August 2019 several months before Covid-19 happened. “We waited to release the video until 2021 because we wanted to get the timing right with respect to our vision for future releases,” Nick said. “The Chase is technically a lead single from our forthcoming project, and so we felt like the video would be a great way to allow our listeners to revisit the song before we began to release new music.

I remember SWIM back in their college days at Stony Brook University. They performed all over campus entertaining the public. They even played outside the school in places such as The Bench in Stony Brook. They played some original songs and did covers of iconic songs such as “Shut Up and Dance” by WALK THE MOON. SWIM was a compelling band then and they still are now.

Bottom line, SWIM‘s new video for “The Chase” is something worth seeing.

“Featured Image via 25/8 PR

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