Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Is Another Storytelling Pleasure

At some point in every person’s life they ask themselves these questions: What is the meaning of my existence? Where did I come from? What happens after my life? All of those questions could be answered in a humorous, heartfelt and vivid way in Pixar’s Soul.

Soul follows the story of Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), a jazz pianist/music teacher. He teaches a middle school music class and he feels unfulfilled with his life. He dreams of having a career in jazz, but his mother, Libba (Phylicia Diggs) disagrees with it. However, he has an opportunity to have his dreams come true when he’s been selected to be in a jazz band led by Dorothea Williams (Angela Bassett). Just when his dreams were about to be a reality, he falls into a manhole and he’s on another path….literally.

Joe is suddenly on his way to the “Great Beyond” and he refuses to accept it. He then falls and becomes a soul in the “Great Before.” Once there he tries to figure out a way to get home before his big break and then he met 22 (Tina Fey).

Pixar has done previous work like this. They take big meaningful questions that we all ask ourselves and display them in a vibrant and humorous way. One example was Coco when they made an elaborate version of the afterlife. Also, Inside Out when Pixar created all the emotions and personalities inside a person’s mind. This movie was another example of why Pixar has been successful.

They story itself was fascinating. Joe’s journey was particularly interesting. He tries to get back to his life and then he realizes everything that happened to him in the past and everything happening in his life right now. After watching all of that, it was certainly a fell-good moment.

Next there was the setup and aesthetics of the film. They created the “Great Before” as a training program for newborns. They each had to be assigned to many traits and personalities and find a “spark” in order to be fully qualified to live life on Earth. It was an alluring and creative quality to the movie.

The comedian of the movie was 22 voiced by Miss Tina Fey. 22 was a soul that has been in the “Great Before” for a long time and her voice was chosen to annoy people. She replayed past experiences with old mentors such as Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa and Muhammad Ali. After seeing their reactions with 22, I could not stop laughing.

Soul had humor and heart. Once a person watches this, it can make someone want to live life to the fullest. Also, like everyone else once the pandemic is over that is exactly what I’m going to do.

Bottom line, Soul is a movie worth watching.

“Featured Image via Disney Movies


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