Queen Latifah To Star In ‘End Of The Road’

Music superstar Queen Latifah has been signed to star in the new Netflix thriller End Of The Road.

According to Deadline, this upcoming Netflix movie is centered around a recently widowed person named Brenda. Brenda loses her job and she moves with her family cross country in order to start a new life. But, before they get the chance they’re being targeted by a mysterious killer in the New Mexico desert.

Queen Latifah has made memorable moments in the movie world and the TV world. She entertained her audience in projects such as Chicago, Stranger than Fiction, Hairspray and 22 Jump Street. She will also star alongside Adam Sandler in the upcoming Netflix sports drama Hustle.

Directing the movie is Millicent Shelton. She has directed TV episodes for Insecure, The Walking Dead, Titans and Black-ish. Shelton has also directed music videos for big time artists. Some of which include Mary J. Blige, R. Kelly and Salt-n-Pepa.

The release date and other details about the movie have yet to be revealed. But, for those who are fans of Queen Latifah and thrillers, stay tuned for more details on End Of The Road.

“Featured Image via Hollywood Reporter


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