Henry Cavill As James Bond?!

English actor Henry Cavill could be playing the role of James Bond in a future 007 movie. But, could he be the next 007?

Cavill is no stranger to the action movie world. He is well known for playing Superman in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Also, we’ll see him in his cape again when Zach Snyder’s Justice League hits HBO Max in mid 2021.

In addition to playing the iconic DC superhero, he also starred in the Mission Impossible franchise. He appeared in Mission Impossible: Fallout as August Walker. Other fans see him as Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix series The Witcher.

It would seem that Cavill would be an ideal fit as James Bond. However, no official decisions have been made. Plus, the next 007 movie No Time To Die has yet to hit theaters.

Daniel Craig is the current James Bond in the upcoming movie. But, he is stepping down from the role after the delays due to the pandemic. As of right now the part for 007 has yet to be cast.

Cavill has played a kryptonian superhero, a monster hunter and a CIA assassin. All of which he portrayed well. But when it comes to being James Bond, can he pull it off?

Will Henry Cavill be the next James Bond and can he play him well? What are your thoughts?

“Featured Image via Reddit


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