Wonder Woman 1984: Theaters v. HBO Max

A recent decision was made that Wonder Woman 1984 will debut not only in theaters, but on HBO Max as well on Christmas Day.

The Wonder Woman sequel has been delayed a couple of times in the past due to the pandemic. People started to wonder when they can finally watch the movie. Others think it would go straight to a streaming service. Now in a most recent trailer, the movie will be in theaters and on HBO Max.

Now on Christmas, people will have a choice on how they want to watch this DC movie. There are pros and cons to watch the film in both HBO Max and theaters.


  1. (Pro) People can go out to the movies again if their theaters are reopened. The fun of going to the theaters again is a positive thing.
  2. (Pro) Movie theater snacks. Popcorn, soda, Buncha Crunch, etc. All of that plus a movie and people are set.
  3. (Pro) Previews. One of the things to look forward to in the theaters is watching the previews. That way people will have a list of what to see next time.
  4. (Con) Bathroom breaks. When you’re out to see a movie and you have to use the restroom, you could miss something important. (Always a pain am I right).
  5. (Con) Covid-19. It’s the main con. Going to the movie theater can still be risky if people don’t follow the rules and protect themselves. If you don’t wear masks and social distance, it could lead to a problem.

HBO Max:

  1. (Pro) The comforts of home. People can enjoy the movie from the comforts of their own couch, chairs and or beds. Whichever they feel the most comfortable with.
  2. (Pro) Snacks. Same pro as the theaters, but people will have more of a variety at home. Besides popcorn and candy, people can order in or make their own snacks.
  3. (Pro) Breaks. Whether it’s time for dinner or a trip to the bathroom, you can pause it and you won’t miss a minute of Diana’s adventure.
  4. (Con) Connection problems. Sometimes an error can occur during a show or a movie and it’s mainly caused by a bad connection or sometimes an update requirement. You’ll end up having to restart your device and/or router.
  5. (Con) It will be available for only one month. After the month is over, it will be removed from the streaming service and only available to watch in theaters. After the film is done in movie theaters, it will go straight to video on demand services.

People now have two different ways to watch Wonder Woman 1984. Will you watch it in theaters or on HBO Max?

“Featured Image via Los Angeles Times


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