‘Justice League: Snyder Cut’ Trailer Released

Director Zach Snyder has just released the new trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League (or the Snyder Cut) and this one has peaked my interest.

His original 2017 project Justice League received criticism for cutting out certain scenes and making it a two hour movie. They left out certain moments and characters like Darkseid for instance. Steppenwolf may have been the main villain, but he served under Darkseid, the New God of the planet Apokolips. Now he and other characters will appear in the film.

According to Complex, fellow director Joss Wheadon had to take over Snyder’s directorial duties in order for him to grieve for his daughter who passed away during filming. After that switch the tone of the movie was random and the studio forced him to cut the movie into two hours.

In this new trailer it’s all in black and white and the song Hallelujah was playing. Not only did Darkseid make an appearance, but other characters as well. For instance, Iris West appeared. The Flash’s main love interest is shown being saved by the Scarlett speedster and then she falls for him. Then it shows new scenes for our main heroes.

There were additional scenes for Cyborg. He is shown playing football before his transformation, a tragic accident in S.T.A.R. Labs and watching other kids playing the street after his injury. These additional scenes will have a positive impact on the movie and his character. Then we have the Man of Steel.

After Justice League ended in 2017, Henry Cavill thought he had to hang up his cape. However, due to the new Snyder Cut he got to shoot more scenes as Superman. The trailer shows him being in the air more and reuniting with Lois Lane and his mother. In addition, he is seen making an entrance in the Kryptonian ship.

Fans will get to see all of the material that was cut from the previous film. The additional scenes and characters will make the story more promising. By the looks of this trailer, it will be an improvement.

Zach Snyder’s Justice League will be broken down into a four part mini-series on HBO Max and it’s scheduled to be released in mid 2021.

“Featured Image via GamesRadar


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