Review: ‘Therefore I Am’ By Billie Eilish

Pop singer Billie Eilish has released her new single Therefore I Am yesterday along with a new music video for that song and she did not disappoint.

The five-time Grammy winning artist shot her new music video at a deserted mall. She walks around that mall, getting her steps in and grabbing some mall food here and there. From pretzels to doughnuts to french fries, she got all of her mall fulfillment.

While doing all of the usual mall things, she sings about all the critics and haters that she faces and tells them to shut it down. When she sings, “Get my pretty name out of your mouth
We are not the same with or without/Don’t talk ’bout me like how you might know how I feel/Top of the world, but your world isn’t real/Your world’s an ideal,” she made her message pretty clear.

After receiving a certain amount of criticism, it can get to a person. But not to Billie Eilish. She told off the haters and their criticism by showing off her care-free video. She enjoys herself without caring about what other people think, which is one of the qualities that I enjoyed about the song.

During an interview with HYPEBEAST, she explains how shooting the video was an entertaining experience. She said:

“The video is just the way that the song feels to me of just kind of like careless and not really trying. It’s basically me running through the empty Glendale Galleria eating a donut and a pretzel. That’s literally it. But like random, chaotic, don’t care sh*t. And it was so fun.”

Billie Eilish’s new single makes a person feel good about themselves. With her message and the infectious beats, it had me engaged (and had me miss the mall).

Bottom line, Therefore I Am by Billie Eilish is a single to add to your playlist.

“Featured Image via Vulture


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