Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Spy Series Headed For Netflix

Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger is known for his iconic action movies such as The Terminator. Now he will be starring in his own spy adventure TV series on Netflix.

The former Governor of California is no stranger to the action world. Besides The Terminator franchise, he also starred in True Lies, Predator and Commando. Entering the spy world will be an unchallenging adjustment for him.

According to Deadline, the show will also star Monica Barbaro as Schwarzenegger’s TV daughter. The show will be centered around this father and daughter duo. Barbaro will be the executive producer of the series along with Schwarzenegger.

Barbaro is known for her recurring role as Liz Merelo in the ABC crime drama Stumptown. In addition, she also played Phoenix in Top Gun: Maverick. Basically, this spy drama series will be no stranger to her either.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has played the role of a spy before. In True Lies he was an undercover agent for the Omega Sector. He had to save the world and his marriage at the same time. The question is: How will this spy series play out?

Most of the details about the scripted Netflix series including the title has yet to be revealed. However, if the series is as entertaining as his 1980-90 movies then we’ll have another show to add to the list.

“Featured Image via Empire


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