Tom Holland’s First Look In ‘Uncharted’

Actor Tom Holland is set to play the role of Nathan Drake in the upcoming movie Uncharted. This project has been delayed more than once, but a new photo of Holland as his character shows that the movie will be happening.

Uncharted is based on the popular treasure hunting games on Playstation. It centers around Nathan Drake who travels the world to seek out treasure and historical mysteries. The hero of the game was voiced by Nolan North, a voice actor that was involved in numerous other projects.

Now the baton has been passed to the Spider-Man star. Holland recently posted his Nathan photo on social media. He captioned:

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It’s nice to meet you, I’m Nate. #uncharted

A post shared by Tom Holland (@tomholland2013) on

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m Nate,” with #uncharted as a hashtag.

This photo gives the fans a taste of what to expect next year. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Uncharted is currently in production and the cast has been made. Mark Wahlberg will star as Victor Sullivan, Nate’s mentor and fellow fortune hunter. Along with him we have Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle. In addition, the movie will have the Venom director Ruben Fleischer.

Uncharted is set to hit theaters in July 2021.

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