Jonathan Majors Joins The Cast of Ant-Man 3

Now that Thanos’ time has come, there will be a new big bad coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Jonathan Majors is joining the cast of Ant-Man 3 as Kang the Conquerer.

Jonathan Majors is known for playing Atticus Freeman in the HBO series Lovecraft Country. Now he will step out of HBO and move into the MCU. He could most likely be the next Thanos in phase four.

According to Deadline, the studio didn’t comment on Majors’ new role. However, sources that are close to the project said that he is likely to play Kang the Conquerer. In addition, there could be a twist on how his character is featured. Kang the Conquerer is a time-traveling being who has battled many Marvel heroes from Thor to the Avengers. Now in Ant-Man 3 people could see him in differently.

Before he came to Lovecraft Country, Majors had many other roles in film and TV. Some of which include Hostiles, Da 5 Bloods, Out of Blue and The Last Black Man in San Francisco. He is also set to star in the Netflix original movie The Harder They Fall.

Josh Brolin set the bar high when Thanos came into the MCU. Kang the Conquerer is a powerful individual, but I would have to see him in action to witness some results. He is making his first appearance in Ant-Man 3, so we’ll see how Ant-Man and the Wasp will take on this potential new villain.

Will Jonathan Majors/Kang the Conquerer become the next Thanos in phase four? We’ll find out when Ant-Man 3 arrives in theaters.

“Featured Image via Den of Geek


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