5 Things To Do During A Blackout

Recently, Hurricane Isaias has struck and left me with no power for six days. It was a challenging six days, but I was able to get through it.

Many others have struggled with this problem. A person’s power goes out and it limits the amount of activities to do. People can’t surf the web, they can’t watch TV and they cannot access most of their apps. Tragic I know!

However, there are other activities that can help keep a person entertained and occupied until power is restored. These are my five choices for blackout entertainment.

1. Reading

Image via Blogs-Education Week

Reading a book is one of the good ways to occupy yourself. I didn’t have any hard copies, but I did download an ebook into my kindle. Planning these things ahead of time was helpful. Whether it’s a hard copy or an ebook already dowloaded, it’s a decent way to pass the time.

2. Playing cards

Image via Toledo Blade

Poker. Gin rummy. War. Crazy eights. Any card game that you have, it will be a good time either way.

3. Video games

Image via The Verge

Some consoles are hard to play when there’s no power. But, with systems like the Nintendo Switch and other battery powered consoles you’re set. Just make sure to conserve the battery and find a place with power to charge it.

4. Board games

Image via HobbyLark

It may be old-fashioned, but board games is another way to entertain ourselves. In my case is was Battleship and Risk. If you have a favorite board game in your house and your power is out, breakout the game.

5. Walking and/or jogging

Image via Globerunner

If you start to run out of ideas, try getting outside when it’s a beautiful day. I like to go for a walk and sometimes a jog on the beach on a decent day. Fresh air and exercise. You can’t lose with that logic.

So these are my five things to do when I experience a blackout. What are yours?

“Featured Image via Curbed NY


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