Wonder Woman 1984 Burning Questions

In 2017, Wonder Woman landed in theaters and became a box office success. Now the DC hero is coming back in Wonder Woman 1984.

(WARNING: The following content contains spoilers for those who haven’t seen the original movie.)

A sequel was already put into motion after the first movie’s success. Gal Gadot a.k.a. Wonder Woman herself has received praise for portraying the Amazon princess. She continued that job when Justice League came to theaters.

Since the first trailer of the movie was released, fans (including me) have had questions. Here are some questions and no clear answers.

1. Steve Trevor is back?! How?

In the previous film, Diana’s love interest Steve Trevor sacrificed himself to save millions of lives. He died in a gas explosion on a plane. Hard to believe that he would be alive after that. The sequel may prove otherwise.

There have been many theories as to why Trevor is back from the dead. Diana’s imagination? A trick by a villain? Or more recently, he was brought back by the dreamstone.

According to Bleeding Cool, Diana uses the dreamstone to wish for Trevor’s return. Then her wish came true. Did her wish come true?

2. How did Barbara Minerva become the Cheetah?

DC Comics fans know about Cheetah. She is a classic supervillain and an enemy of Wonder Woman. However, in the trailer it does not look that way.

In the beginning, Minerva is seen with Diana having a drink and appears to be friendly. The transformation will have me guessing.

3. Who is the main villain, Cheetah or Maxwell Lord?

Both candidates are certainly evil. But, who will be the one that Diana comes to a final battle with? Either way it will be interesting.

4. Will October 2 be the final release date?

The movie was originally going to be released in the summer. But, that got delayed due to the pandemic. Now Oct. 2 is the new release date. Will we see it then? Only time will tell.

So those are my burning questions for Wonder Woman 1984. Whenever it comes out, all questions will be revealed.

“Featured Image via Insider


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