Hamilton On Disney Plus Exceeds Expectations

Before Covid-19, Hamilton became a worldwide phenomenon. Getting tickets to see the show became difficult and almost impossible. Now, the broadway show is on Disney+ and it did not disappoint.

This new addition to Disney+ takes us to the theater (from home of course). This award-winning show takes us back to the American Revolution and it centers around one of our founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. The story is about how an orphan became an imperative figure. Along that journey he goes through obstacles in politics, battles, friendships and his love life.

Hamilton on Disney+ was both an entertaining and learning experience. Here I got to learn more about American history and more about one of our founding fathers. In addition, the music also had me engaged.

The music had several different genres in the show. From pop to soul to hip-hop, this movie had plenty to belt out. Having rap battles in the American Revolution was both pleasant and comical.

Having the original cast in this movie was also an alluring quality. People won’t have to just listen to that cast on the soundtrack. Now, they can watch them perform the songs on their television screens. That being said, having the close-ups on the performers was a good way to see them perform up close without having a far away seat in the theater.

There were also moments in the film where I laughed and not just because I see the performers spit during their songs. The main source of comedy came from Jonathan Groff a.k.a. King George. When he was singing “You’ll Be Back” and “What Comes Next” I giggled all throughout those songs.

Bottom line, Hamilton on Disney+ is a movie you do not want to miss.

“Featured Image via Cnet


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