Jason Aldean Releases New Music Video For ‘Got What I Got’

Jason Aldean might have been stuck in quarantine, but that didn’t stop him from releasing his new music video for his most recent single ‘Got What I Got.’

The country star and his family were quarantined in Destin, FL during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a small crew came to their home and started shooting the video. This video was shot with his wife Brittany and his two kids, Memphis and Navy.

In the video, it starts with Jason and Brittany having a date night after the kids went off to sleep. During the song, they are seen driving along the highway, walking on the beach and spending time with the kids. Adding his family in the video was sweet and adorable, which made being in quarantine not so bad.

What was appealing about ‘Got What I Got’ was the message:

“When I got what I got, I don’t miss what I had / The old me before you belongs to the past,” the chorus reads. “In the back of your mind, you might think there’s somethin’ more I want / But when I got what I got, girl, I don’t.”

He’s basically singing about not missing the single life and that he enjoys his life right now. That message and his vocals had me entertained. All in all, Jason Aldean‘s new music video is something worth watching.

“Featured Image via Entertainment Tonight


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