Top 5: WALK THE MOON Songs

Everyone has their favorite band and they keep a list of songs that they enjoy the most. People keep them on their playlist and sometimes on their most listened to songs. For my case that would be WALK THE MOON.

This alternative-rock-pop band is made up of four people: Nicholas Petricca (lead vocals); Kevin Ray (bass); Sean Waugaman (drums) and Eli Maiman (guitar).

Since 2006, WALK THE MOON have been entertaining their fans with their music. Some of which became chart-topping hits. These are my top five choices for their music.

5. Anna Sun (2012):

4. Avalanche (2014):

3. Timebomb (2019):

2. Shut Up and Dance (2014):

1. One Foot (2017):

So this is my top five choices for this band. What’s yours? If not WALK THE MOON then what’s your favorite band and your top five songs?

“Featured Image via StubHub


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