Upload Shows Promise On Amazon Prime

Program creator Greg Daniels has recently released his new series Upload on Amazon Prime and it gives people an emotional and humorous comedy about the afterlife.

This new comedy series is set in the year 2033 and centers around Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell). Nathan was a young computer programmer who got into a fatal accident in his self-driving car. His consciousness was then uploaded to the digital afterlife called “Lakeview” run by a tech company named “Horizon.”

When Nathan first got into the digital afterlife, he was greeted by his “angel” Nora (Andy Allo), a living employee of Horizon and she helps Nathan adjust to his new life. After spending some time together, they begin to fall for each other despite Nathan being dead.

Upload had many appealing qualities starting with the setting and aesthetics. It was set in the future and Daniels added self-driving cars, machines to operate in certain stores and phones screens are projections from a device that people wear on their wrists. Then there was the Horizon afterlife.

The dead people in that afterlife looked like they were in a living smart phone. They could make purchases through projections, give ratings to their angels and set the views from their windows. For instance, they could set their view from an autumn look to a winter look. Basically, the setting and aesthetics were fascinating.

Robbie Amell was another thing that captured my attention. The Code 8 star had a mix of both comedy and drama to his character. When I saw him adjust to his new life in many ways, I was impressed. In addition, the growing connection he had with Andy Allo’s character gave me another reason to watch the show.

This brings me to Allo’s performance. Watching their on-screen chemistry was appealing to watch. Once the series began, both characters start to fall for each other despite being in a “long-distance” situation. Seeing her go through her own struggles and falling for Nathan had me at the edge of my seat.

This new Amazon Prime show has a few similarities to the NBC show The Good Place. Both shows revolve around characters in the afterlife and they try to become better people. While doing so, they also have to uncover a conspiracy that has people guessing.

Regardless of having similar characteristics with The Good Place, Upload is a series worth watching. For those who enjoy humor, heart and thoughts about the afterlife, Upload is now available on Amazon Prime.

“Featured Image via Youtube

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