Review: “Lonely Generation” by Echosmith

The American indie pop band Echosmith has released their new album Lonely Generation and the results did not disappoint.

Echosmith is made up of a group of siblings. Sydney Quiseng (formerly Sierota) on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Graham Sierota on drums and percussion and Noah Sierota on bass and backing vocals.

In 2013, their first album Talking Dreams was released and it top the charts. While making their first collection of music, the band members were in their adolescent years. Now they have a second studio album with a more mature message.

The first track that caught my attention was “Diamonds.” I was drawn to the song with its upbeat melody and lyrics. When I heard the chorus, “the diamond in a sea of glass” I was captivated. Sydney explained on the Alternative Press that she hopes people can be themselves and have fun in that song.

“I hope that people feel like they can just let loose and have fun and just be themselves—whatever that means—especially in that part of the song,” Quiseng said on alt “I would love that, because that’s what I’ll be doing.”

Next, there was track number three called “Cracked.” What was appealing about the song was the message. They basically sing about how nobody is perfect and that people should accept their flaws. That message along with the infectious beats made the song enjoyable.

Then there’s “Stuck.” I was impressed with the emotions that were played by Sydney’s voice and the music along with it. I could sense the struggling emotion in the chorus and it made the song entertaining.

The band has done plenty of growing up since 2013 and this new album proved it. They put more inspirational messages in their songs and the melody did not cease to impress me.

Bottom line, Echosmith’s Lonely Generation is an album worth listening to.

“Featured Image via Parade”


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