Review: Luke Combs’ ‘What You See Is What You Get’

Country star, Luke Combs had just released his second studio album today called What You See Is What You Get and he did not disappoint.

Combs is well known for his hit songs such as “Hurricane” and “When it Rains it Pours.” Now in this new album he brings upbeat and fast-pumping rhythms that can get a person to dance. In addition, he included some sensitive and emotional tracks to this new collection.

The new album starts us off with “Beer Never Broke My Heart.” It’s about how a variety of things in life can hurt a person, but a cold beer could not. The infectious and upbeat guitar playing behind the voice of Comb made the track pleasing to the ears.

Then we have “Refrigerator Door,” which is a song about memories being saved on his actual refrigerator door. He sings about important moments from his past like his first day of kindergarten. The passionate lyrics and music had me captivated.

Comb had plenty of cheerful songs to the album, but what caught my attention was his ballads. One example was “Does to Me” featuring Eric Church.

“Does to Me” is about having accomplishments that have little interest to most people, but are exceptional to yourself. I began to see the appeal when I heard the chorus. When he sings, “It may not mean much to/but it does to me,” I was engaged all throughout the song.

Another track that stood out was “What You See is What You Get.” In this album-titled song, Combs sings about being himself (and he was honest in this one). Once I heard the confidence in the song, it left me impressed.

The Billboard Music Award winner has dove deep into his emotions in this collection and I see more award nominations in his future.

Bottom line, Luke Combs’ What You See Is What You Get is an album worth listening to.

“Featured Image via Taste of Country”


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