Review: “Living with Yourself”

Paul Rudd’s new Netflix series, Living with Yourself has been available for a week and it’s an entertaining new addition.

(WARNING: The following content contains spoilers for those who have not watched the show.)

The Ant-Man star shows us a new story to follow. Instead of an ant-sized superhero, we have a depressing man who tries to improve his life.

This comedy series is based on Miles Elliot (Paul Rudd), a suburban man who is unhappy with his job and his married life. Miles and his wife Kate (Aisling Bea) are struggling to have a baby. However, he has a chance to to feel better when a co-worker suggests going to a spa called “Top Happy Spa.”

Miles decides to take his family’s savings and go to that spa. His trip for relaxation had a surprise (and not that he saw Tom Brady). After passing out during his “treatment,” he wakes up buried in the woods. Once Miles got home, he finds another person with Kate only to find out that it’s his clone.

Living with Yourself was many things. It was humorous, sweet and strange (in a good way). One of the enticing qualities from this Netflix series was the performance of Paul Rudd.

Mr. Rudd had starred in several different projects both in drama and comedy. But, the performance in this series was particularly impressive. We had two different versions of Miles Elliot, which made it twice as humorous (pun intended).

The original Miles was bitter, depressed and hopeful. Whereas the new cloned Miles is happy, loving and embracing. Once I watched the emotional struggles from the two Miles’ I was glued to my seat.

Both Miles’ also provided plenty of humor to the show. Rudd’s characters always interfere with each other and bicker about how to live their lives. Watching Miles fight with himself had me giggling every time. It was the type of dark humor that had me captivated.

What got me interested was the original storyline of the show. A man with a clone of himself tries to live the same life and be happy. But, a series of challenges get in the way. The storyline made the series funny and engaging.

Bottom line, Living with Yourself is a show worth watching.

“Featured Image via TVweb”

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