Spider-Man bids farewell to the MCU?!

Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been a fan favorite superhero for many Marvel fans. As of this week, Spider-Man will no longer be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

In 1999, Sony first had the rights to Spider-Man. Disney bought Marvel in 2012 and they made a deal with Sony in 2015 that would benefit both parties.

Sony would allow the Spider-Man character to appear in the MCU movies. In addition, Marvel would be the producer on Sony’s stand-alone movies, according to Wired.

However, their compromise did not last. Marvel wanted to cofinance Spider-Man for a larger share of the profits. But, Sony stated that the real problem was that Disney wouldn’t allow the MCU architect Kevin Feige to be the lead producer on future films. The exact details on the divorce are yet to be unfolded.

British star Tom Holland will still be our Spider-Man for two more movies (Yay). Hollands portrayal of the web-slinger was engaging. He was charismatic, socially awkward, and strong. Basically, he is an impressive Spider-Man.

Sony plans to have Spider-Man in the Venom sequel. The 2018 movie starring Tom Hardy already has a sequel being planned out and having Holland as Spider-Man in that film would be promising.

Making the two films in the future would be a challenge since the hero will be back with Sony. The events of movies such as Avengers: Endgame, have a heavy impact on the solo Spider-Man films. One example was Spider-Man: Far From Home.

(WARNING: The following content contains spoilers for those who have not seen the previous two movies from the MCU.)

When Iron Man (Robert Downy Jr.) died, Peter (Holland) was left devastated. Peter had to step up and save the world when he was needed. No decisions have been made about having references to the events and people from the previous movies, according to Variety.

Even though Spider-Man won’t be part of the MCU, we will still have a spectacular Spider-Man in the future.

“Featured Image via Digital Spy”


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