Jennifer Lawrence goes ‘Mob Girl’ on us

After taking her break from Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence will be back on the big screen. She has been cast as the lead in the upcoming true-crime thriller Mob Girl.

Lawrence will be playing the role of Arlyne Brickman, the mob wife turned police informant. This film is based on the true-crime book in 1992.

Arlyne Brickman was a young woman who grew up on the Lower East side of New York City. She began dating sketchy characters (including mobsters) and she ends up doing errands for them and getting herself in danger. Brickman was then beaten and raped by gangsters.

She then later turned on the mob after someone threatened her 18-year-old daughter, unless Brickman paid off her loan. Brickman eventually became a police informant and a key witness in the government’s case against the Columbo crime family, according to

The Hunger Games star has taken on many interesting and iconic roles in her career and not just as Suzanne Collin’s war hero. She was a shape-shifting mutant (X-Men franchise), a widow with borderline personality disorder (Silver Linings Playbook) and a Russian spy (Red Sparrow). With her history, Lawrence has set the bar high.

The film will be directed by Academy Award Winner, Paolo Sorrentino. Sorrentino is famous for projects such as the 2014 movie The Great Beauty. In addition, he was responsible for the HBO series The Young Pope.

With Mob Girl currently in the works, we will soon see how Jennifer Lawrence will be in this role.

“Featured Image via Observer”


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