Beyoncé’s new single “Spirit” is an inspiration!

The remake of the classic Disney movie The Lion King is out in theaters now and the soundtrack for the film has been released. Pop superstar Beyoncé has recorded the song “Spirit” for the soundtrack and she dropped a new music video for that track.

Beyoncé was fully involved with the making of the new movie. She does the voice of Nala, Simba’s friend turned love interest. However, the pop star also brought her alluring vocals to the project.

In this video, Beyoncé and her dancers are performing in various different settings and costumes. Also, clips of the movie were featured in the video along with shots of a waterfall, mountains and a desert. The “Single Ladies” singer also had her daughter Blue Ivy make a cameo appearance in the video.

Another tempting quality in the video was the music. The piano playing and the gospel-tipped choruses had me captivated.

This song was about embracing your destiny and Beyoncé’s powerful ballads made the song more engaging. It then became inspirational when I heard her sing, “Spirit, can you hear it calling?/ Yeah/ Your destiny is coming close, stand up and fight/ So go into that far-off land/ And be one with the great I am, I am.”

The soundtrack will include the original songs such as “Circle of Life.” “Spirit” will be another song to look out for.

All in all, “Spirit” by Beyoncé is a track that is worth listening to.

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