Review: “Happiness Begins” by Jonas Brothers

The long-awaited arrival of Happiness Begins by the Jonas Brothers has come and it was worth the wait.

After six years of being separated and doing different projects, the Jo Bros have come back together. Kevin, Joe and Nick had plenty of growing up to do during the band’s breakup.

The Jo Bros are now married to Priyanka Chopra, Sophie Turner and Danielle Deleasa (a.k.a. the J-Sisters). People recognize this pop band from their days on the Disney Channel. Now they’re adult heartthrobs with entertaining new music.

Happiness Begins starts with the band’s first post-album single “Sucker.” This song expresses the love the Jo Bros have for the J-Sisters. The lyrics and music for this single delivers a strong start for the rest of the album.

Next, there was “Cool.” After hearing this song, I didn’t recognize the band at all. It became a new sound for the Jo Bros and I was intrigued. It was a feel-good song that can make a person feel like they can have a good day.

The Jo Bros also sent messages in their songs to their wives. One example was Nick Jonas with “I Believe,” according to Variety. This track brings out a sweet note to Priyanka.

Another love note came from Joe to Sophie through “Hesitate.” When Joe sang, “I will take your pain and put it on my heart” I was engaged. The emotions that the band displayed in this song made me want to hear more of them.

Lastly, there was the song “Love Her.” This slow jam is about being in love and these musicians did not disappoint. Their powerful voices and infectious melody made the track entertaining.

The Jo Bros have put together an album that showed who they are today. They are not the teen band that rocked the stage on the Disney Channel. Basically, both the band and their music have evolved.

Bottom line, Happiness Begins by the Jonas Brothers is an album worth listening to.

“Featured Image via Gaga Daily”


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