Ben Platt releases his debut album “Sing To Me Instead”

American actor and singer Ben Platt has just released his debut album Sing To Me Instead and he did not disappoint.

Platt hasn’t been new to the world of music. We’ve seen him play Benji Applebaum in Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2. People also know him for his Broadway performances in shows such as The Music Man and The Book of Mormon.

The Broadway star dove deep into his emotions for his very first album. The songs that he wrote were about the highs and lows of a transformative relationship, according to his bio on Spotify.

His first track on the new album is called “Bad Habit.” In this I could feel the emotions that he went through with a past relationship. When I heard “You make me feel like I’m floating off the ground,” I was starting to become intrigued.

“Temporary Love” also caught my attention. Platt’s vocals were particularly powerful in this song. While it had a good message, his voice during the chorus had me captivated.

Another track that stood out was “In Case You Don’t Live Forever.” The song was about missing someone and wanting to tell them something important. The lyrics and music in this track was engaging.

Platt also added a dash of humor into his album with his song “Share Your Address.” The title of the song explains plenty, however it tells us who Platt is and how enthusiastic he is.

I could sense the pain, joy and passion from Platt’s first studio album. It was fascinating to listen to his experiences. In addition, I got to hear his own voice and style off of Broadway and Pitch Perfect.

Bottom line, Sing To Me Instead is an album worth listening to.

“Featured Image via Backstage”


One Reply to “Ben Platt releases his debut album “Sing To Me Instead””

  1. This review made me really happy! Ben Platt has such a unique voice, and I was so glad I got to see him in Dear Evan Hansen. Great write-up, David!


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