Nickelodeon brings back “All That”

People are going to feel nostalgic in the future because the cable television network, Nickelodeon has announced that they’re reviving the hit ’90s show All That.

That’s correct, Nickelodeon is currently in the works of bringing back the sketch comedy show that made us all laugh out loud (including me). Not only that, but former cast member Kenan Thompson will be serving as the executive producer.

As we look back, many of us remember Kenan Thompson playing unique and humorous characters. One example, was “Pierre Escargot” where he sits in a bathtub in Paris and says hilarious phrases in French and translates them into English.

Thompson currently does his comedy on Saturday Night Live. Despite his current position, he will still be able to work on the new revival show.

Another iconic cast member was Lori Beth Denberg. She had plenty of funny characters during her time on the show. However, the loud librarian sketch was the most notable (to me at least). Her character constantly tells people to stay quiet while she was the one who was being noisy. That sketch made me laugh every time.

Over the years that the show has been running, other famous actors have joined the cast. Some of which included Amanda Bynes, Nick Cannon and Jamie Lynn Spears.

Some of the cast members gained success from the show and it led them to having their own spin-off television programs. With Thompson and Kel Mitchell, they had Kenan and Kel. Others like Amanda Bynes had The Amanda Show. Now the show that started it all is coming back to Nickelodeon.

Not only is All That coming back, but the network is also bringing back other programs from back in the day. Some os which include Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Rugrats.

I predict that this upcoming television series will be entertaining for kids and adults who viewed the show in the ’90s.

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