Vilan Trub: The Director’s Journey

When you start to find your passion, achieving your dream job isn’t easy. But, Vilan Trub, film director and writer gives an example about how to accomplish your goals.

Vilan Trub was born and raised in Forest Hills, Queens, New York and near him were several movie theaters. After the excitement of movie making, his inspiration was discovered and decided to follow his passion in writing.

“I grew up around movies and in my neighborhood there were about five movie theaters at least from walking distance,” Trub said. “There was always the same movies playing over and over and there’s something about rewatching the same movie over and over that you start seeing it differently.”

Before his directing days, Trub started his writing career with writing for a sports website in his high school years. After that, he began writing hip-hop music videos for various artists, which included 50 Cent.

Later on, Trub started to work on his first feature film called Susie Q.  It took five years of hard work and casting choices, but eventually the movie was released in 2016 and it’s now available on Amazon Prime.

“That project was tough to wrangle people together because it was the first feature and it was all a one man crew and we ended up going through several casts,” Trub said. “When you’re filming a movie, all that matters is getting that final product.”

When he was starting out Trub had no budget. In order to make his material he used the money that he makes with his current job as a content creator for IBIS World. Despite working in the corporate world, he still writes screenplays on the side.

After Susie Q, he filmed his second movie The Dirty Kind. This film had a tight and organized schedule for his cast and it took him nine days to film. After this release it caught the attention of Michael Madsen. Once the producer, Derek Zuzunaga presented the movie to him, he was later convinced and became the film’s executive producer.

“He really liked the movie and that’s is how he became on board as an executive producer, sort of behind the camera to spread the word,” Trub said.

Trub is currently working on two new films. The first one is another crime-thriller flick and the title and plot is in the works. He will also be casting some previous cast members including Duke Williams, who previously starred in The Dirty Kind.

In addition to the new crime-thriller, Trub is also planning to write and film a concert movie about the Foster Europe Band. A band that plays a mixture of genres such as original blues, slide, rock, jazz and classical.

“90 percent of what you do is perspiration and 10 percent is inspiration,” Trub said.

Trying to work at your dream job isn’t an easy task. However with people like Vilan Trub, it can be done and it can lead to new opportunities.

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