Top 5: Christmas movies

Christmas is coming very soon and everybody is preparing for this magical time of year. Everybody is exchanging gifts, drinking eggnog and having a laugh or two with their family and friends.

Another way to celebrate the holidays is to layback and enjoy some Christmas movies. There are several ways to get into the holiday spirit, but the one thing that really does the trick is watching your favorite Christmas flicks. Here is my top five choices:

5. Fred Claus (2007):

This movie is centered around two brothers who are very different. Fred Claus (Vince Vaugn) is a bitter, angry repossession agent who lived in his brother’s shadow. This is due to the fact that his brother is Nick Claus a.k.a Santa (Paul Giamatti).

The brother’s story in the movie is very relatable to people. There was enough brother drama to go around and they displayed plenty of humor. The tension between Fred and Nick and the elves in the North Pole always get me chuckling.

4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000):

We all know about the classic tale of Mr. Grinch (Jim Carrey). A bitter being who lives atop of Mt. Crumpit and observes the citizens of Whoville. For so long he hated Christmas and then he finally decided to take the holiday joy away from those people.

This classic film has plenty of heart and soul. Plus, it teaches the viewers the true meaning of Christmas.

3. Jack Frost (1998):

Here we have Jack Frost (Michael Keaton) who left his family to go to a gig. After dying in a car accident, Jack then was brought back to life in the form of a snowman that his son Charlie (Joseph Cross) made in the front yard.

The drama and family moments that were shared in the movie is the reason why it made the top five.

2. Home Alone (1990):

Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is from a big family and they plan to go to Paris for Christmas. However, the family leaves without Kevin and he has some trouble coming to the house. Now with no family to help him, it’s up to him to stop the thieves.

This movie is a classic because of the humor from Mr. Culkin. For example, when Kevin goes to the grocery store by himself I could see that he was the “man of the house.” Watching his performance can fill you up with Christmas cheer.

1. Elf (2003):

Santa Claus inadvertently brought a baby back to the North Pole with him and he was raised by the elves. Once Buddy (Will Farrell) found out he was human, he decided to go to New York City to see his birth father. However, things aren’t what they seem for Buddy.

The Will Farrell humor is the reason why this movie is number one. There are certain running gags in the movie that don’t cease to amaze me. For instance, Buddy putting syrup and sugar on everything never disappoints me.

That is my holiday top five. What’s yours?

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3 Replies to “Top 5: Christmas movies”

  1. David, Hello. This is your favorite Uncle and before I respond I want to say I love your site and the topics. Now while I agree with two of your choices I would like to offer substitutes for Fred Claus, The Grinch (2000), and Jack Frost. I find that the feeling of the Holiday Season is captured best in 1) ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, a true classic for the ages. A movie that let’s us know that no one is a failure who has friends and also that we never really know how many lives we touch from simple acts of kindness. 2) While I do Love the story of the Grinch I prefer the TV movie animated version better than the hyperkinetic zaniness of the Jim Carey vehicle. Plus the ‘You’re a mean one Mr. Grinch’ song is perfect. If you do not feel that the animated Grinch is a “movie” than in its place I offer the Santa Claus 2, a true Holiday classic which leads me to 3) The Santa Claus. I find that this truly embodies finding the true meaning of Christmas and also helps the viewer fully understand that while we should live to work we should not live to work.

    Well my nephew this are just some thoughts from your Uncle. I look forward to a lively debate on the topic on Christmas Eve.


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