Caroll Spinney retires from Sesame Street!

Sesame Street has been there during our childhood and they continue to entertain for the kids of this generation.  Now, their are new changes to the comedic and educational program.  The voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch is retiring from the beloved show.

Caroll Spinney, 84, has been on the show since the beginning in 1969.  Ever since then he gave it all to entertain and educate the kids.  Playing Big Bird was a big job for him (and not just because Big Bird was large and had to do a lot of maneuvering).

“Since 1969, Caroll’s kind and loving view of the world has helped shape and define this institution,” said Sesame Workshop President and CEO Jeffrey Dunn on “Throughout his unparalleled career, Caroll Spinney gave something truly special to the world.”

As Big Bird, he brought joy to the viewers with his singing, dancing and roller skating.  Spinney even gave people a laugh or two when he couldn’t do the alphabet by himself.  However, the comedy and education didn’t stop there.

While playing Oscar the Grouch, Spinney was just in his trash can and well being a grouch.  He is also famous for loving trash and singing his song, “I Love Trash.”  Although Oscar mostly loved his trash, he was still a loved character to all.

Throughout his career on Sesame Street, Spinney had some accomplishments along the way.  Since he has been on the show, Big Bird gained a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Spinney had won two Grammy Awards, Four Emmy Awards and the Liberty of Congress’ Living Legend Award.

The new Big Bird will be Matt Vogal, who already pulls the strings as Kermit the Frog and Count von Count.  Eric Jacobsen will now become the new Oscar the Grouch, when he is not playing Grover, Bert and Miss Piggy.

Despite retiring from the two iconic roles, Caroll Spinney will always be Big Bird and Oscar to us.  Not to the children today, but for us yes.

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