Venom may be Bad, but his movie is Good!

Director Ruben Fleischer’s latest movie, Venom, has taken the Marvel character to the big screen with an impactful storyline, intense battles and impressive acting.

Generally, people go to a movie and watch the story of a superhero.  However, in this case it was focused on the vicious alien possessor.

The story begins with Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, an investigative journalist whose life turns upside down when meeting with Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed).  After trying to find out about the wrongdoings of confidential materials, he was fired from work and his love interest Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) broke up with him.

Six months after these events, Brock tries to get the truth about Carlton.  While to trying to find his evidence, he was attacked by one of the symbiotic lifeforms or “symbiote” and it began to take control of him.

The first thing that caught my attention was the performance given by Hardy.  In the beginning it started out interesting when I was getting to know the character.  When the movie was going on and life was looking bad for Eddie, I then saw the talent in the Taboo star.  When he lashed out at people and displayed all of the emotion in his character, it did him justice.

Next, there was the storyline.  Symbiotic lifeforms came to earth to wipe out all of mankind.  While that was going on, Eddie had to deal with his life going down the drain.  When the symbiote met Eddie, things got more engaging by the minute.

Venom’s fight scenes did not disappoint me.  As I predicted, it had many battles and some dead bodies on his trail.  The display of Venom’s powers and abilities had my eyes glued to the screen.

The visual effects of the movie also caught my eye, specifically seeing Venom and his abilities.  When I witnessed the appearance on Venom and see him attack his enemies left me impressed.

All in all, Venom is a must-see movie for those who are fans of Venom, Marvel and/or thrillers.

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One Reply to “Venom may be Bad, but his movie is Good!”

  1. Let’s get back to the days when Bad guys were Bad and Good guys were good. It was bad enough when Angelina Jolie portrayed a “heroic” Maleficent but this Bad guy being good “movie” was a real groaner.


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