Prince has come back to us with a new album!

We all know about the legendary pop superstar, Prince.  His powerful music had captivated all of his fans (and many who never heard of him before).  He continued to engage music lovers with his new album, Piano & A Microphone 1983. 

People know about the famous musician and not just because of his memorable stage presence, excessive fashion sense and use of makeup.  Prince became successful with his hit songs such as “Purple Rain” and “International Lover.”  All of his hard work had led to him getting to the top of the music charts, winning Grammy Awards and so on.  However, all of that changed in April 2016.

The superstar passed away due to an accidental fentanyl overdose and it shook the world.  It all hit us right in the gut, but his music remained with us.  Now we can have a listen from his newly released album.

This new chart topper consists of alternate versions of previous work before it was recorded.  It all began with a cassette tape that was in Prince’s vault, according to  In the album we get to hear the process of Prince creating his hit songs.  Basically, in every song it was just the artist and his piano.

It starts out with “17 Days” and we hear an intriguing riff from the piano (and Prince checking his echo).  The second I heard Prince singing, I was immediately hooked and wanted to hear more.

Next, we hear a piece from the iconic track “Purple Rain.”  It may only been a fraction of the song, but this one caught my attention.  With this version I got to hear a more acoustic sound of “Purple Rain,” which made it more engaging.

In addition, Prince had recorded a cover of the classic gospel song “Mary Don’t You Weep.”  In this one, I heard a bit of emotion from the artist and not just because I heard him sniffle during his piano playing.  When I heard these lyrics, “I got a bad, bad feeling that your man ain’t coming home,” all of the emotion was out there and I became captivated.

I got to here the musician become the famous Prince that he was.  Hearing his musical process before his recording, made this album interesting and it will give people another piece of him to hold on to.

If you want another piece of Prince in your life, Piano & A Microphone 1983 is now your chance.

“Featured Image via Billboard”


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