Top 5 actors who best portrayed Batman

We all know about Batman, the caped crusader of Gotham City in the DC universe.  Fans don’t get tired of the Batmobile, the battles with the Joker or the intense interrogations with criminals.  From comic books to television to movies, Batman has made quite an impact on all DC and superhero fans.

For many years, the iconic hero has been portrayed by numerous actors throughout the media.  Some were praised for their performances, but others didn’t quite live up to the hype.  Here we have a list of my top five actors who made me a fan of the dark knight.

5. Adam West: (Batman, TV series 1966-1968)

Mr. West was well known for his role as Batman from the show in 1966.  His performance brought out a more humorous side to Batman.  His goofy charm and fighting sequences made the show watchable.  Even though this show happened before he became an A-list actor, it certainly gave me a reason to watch the show.

4. George Clooney: (Batman & Robin, 1999 film)

Although this movie did not meet the expectations for critics, Clooney’s performance was decent.  His scenes with Chris O’Donnell (Robin) did make his portrayal appealing.  The father/son tough love moments in the movie had my eyes locked to the screen.  Whether it was at home or out on the field, the chemistry worked for the two actors.  I got to see more of the real Batman in that film.  I got to see more of the intense and brooding side of the crime fighter, which made the movie interesting.

3. Ben Affleck: (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 2016 film, Justice League, 2017 film)

What fascinated me with Affleck’s portrayal is the origin and the physical toil of the Gotham hero.  The “Pearl Harbor” star played the part well due to the character itself.  In Dawn of Justice fans got to see the story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman.  The emotional essence of the character was shown in the movie and Affleck’s performance did him justice.  Watching his traumatic childhood experience and his dedication to complete his missions had me captivated.  Now I just have to see if he continues to impress me when the Justice League sequel comes out.

2. Michael Keaton: (Batman, 1989 film)

The success from this movie says it all.  This film has made over $400 million at the opening weekend box office and three sequels were made after that.  All of that happened because of Michael Keaton.  Many of the critics say that the real star was Jack Nicholson (The Joker).  However, Keaton had made an interesting performance.  What caught my attention was the broodiness and fighting scenes.  His intense interrogations with the criminals had yelled out Batman in every second of those scenes.  In addition, his battles with the Joker had made them memorable.  Keaton had my attention with his sneak attacks and his fierce fighting against his enemies.

1. Christian Bale: (The Dark Knight Trilogy, 2005-2012)

This trilogy had made millions in the box office and was made best films of their year.  All happened because of the number one Batman: Christian Bale.  His performance as the dark knight topped all of the rest.  Between his emotional backstory and the struggling battles in Gotham, there was not one dull moment.  What had me captivated was the way Batman would risk losing everything for himself to save the city, even if it meant him becoming the enemy of the city.  His type of heroism and justice is the reason that he is number one.

This is my top five actors for portraying Batman.  Who is your top five?

“Featured Image via Den of Geek”


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