A.X.L. receives a two thumbs up

Oliver Daly’s movie, “A.X.L.” is a sci-fi adventure film that displays friendship between a human and a machine.  This movie had my eyes locked to the screen.

The story begins with Miles Hill (Alex Neusdaeter), an aspiring motocross racer who becomes stranded outside of his hometown due to a stunt pulled by his rival Sam Fontaine (Alex MacNicoll).  While stuck, he discovers a giant machine that seemingly tried to kill him.

After the chase stopped Miles discovered that it was a robotic dog.  That robotic dog was called A-X-L, which stands for Attack, Exploration, Logistics and it contains artificial intelligence.  Once A-X-L was healed, he trusts Miles and the two started to become closer to each other.

Little did Miles know is that A-X-L was created by the military and after breaking free, they start doing everything they can to bring the robotic canine back.

Things in the beginning of the movie seemed neutral.  It had a promising beginning with the almost appearance of A-X-L, however, the acting started out a bit dull.  Neusdaeter’s character was an outsider with a kind heart and I didn’t see that at first.  But, as the movie went on, the actor’s performance went from average to above average.

Another actor who deserved recognition was Becky G who portrayed Sara Reyes, Miles’ love interest.  The “Shower” singer is well known for her music and her role as the Yellow Power Ranger in the 2017 film, “Power Rangers.”  Her performance in the movie was impressive with her wit and passion for her loved ones.

In addition, the connection between A-X-L and Miles caught my attention.  Watching them riding and running around the land and taking risks for each other had me glued to my seat.

Lastly, there was the animation and special effects with A-X-L.  With its features, weapons and the ability to act like a real dog, it had me captivated all throughout the movie.

Bottom line, “A.X.L.” is a movie worth seeing.

“Featured Image via rogerebert.com”


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