Ariana Grande’s “Sweetener” is certainly Sweet

If you’re driving your car and scrolling through the radio stations, you start to ask yourself, “What do I want to listen to?”  The answer is the music from Ariana Grande’s newly released album “Sweetener.”

You’ve seen her as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon, you’ve seen her tour around the world and you’ve seen her give a memorable performance at the 2018 VMA’s.  Grande’s performance of “God is a Woman” did not disappoint me.

The “Baby I” singer had made some changes to her new album.  First, the cover isn’t in black and white this time.  Second, she put more of her emotion and experiences in her lyrics.

One example was her song, “breathin.”  Grande has dealt with anxiety attacks for years and the problem escalated during her Dangerous Woman Tour.  When she couldn’t breathe, she decided to write this track, according to

Her fourth studio album starts with “raindrops (an angel cried)” and after hearing her voice once again, I started to predict that the next track is going to be interesting.  Track two was entitled “blazed” with a collaboration from Grammy Award winner, Pharrell Williams.  Once I heard the two artists sing their lyrics “Once I have you, I will never let you go” I knew that these two would do well together and I predict we will have more music from them in the future.

Another duet was formed with rapper, Nicki Minaj on the third track, “the light is coming.”  Grande and Minaj have collaborated in the past with the hit song, “Bang Bang” alongside Jessie J.  The third track to the new album gave it a new sound.  It gives us a different and unique side of Grande’s talent and the results did not end in failure.

Grande’s tenth track, “no tears left to cry” can give anyone no tears left to cry.  Her voice during the chorus makes me want to replay the song before I choose another track.  The former Nickelodeon star’s powerful vocals never ceases to impress me.

After she left Nickelodeon, I thought to myself, “How far can her music take her?”  Then came “Sweetener” and I got my answer.  For those who have trouble deciding what to listen to next, “Sweetener” would be the ideal choice.



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